Geography Lessons

18 Aug

 I knit this earth ball for my nephew’s first birthday. The knitted blue ball was simple enough, but then I had to tackle the landmasses. I ruled out knitting those, pretty much immediately, and settled on felt instead. There are 7 continents of course, but then there’s all those OTHER chunks of land floating out in the big blue ocean. The entire country of Indonesia, for example, or the nearly continent sized Greenland. While the perfectionist in me wanted to include every single little tiny island, that seemed impractical, and I had to remind myself that my nephew is ONE. He will care far more about the squishability and edible qualities of the globe than its geographical accuracy. So I nixed the pacific islands. All of them. As I cut out Eurasia, Korea fell off. I didn’t bother to replace it. Japan is suspiciously absent. Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Iceland, New Zealand: I’m deeply sorry to have ousted you from the planet.

Someday my nephew will recall that the equator passes through Central America somewhere around Honduras, that the entire Pacific Ocean is devoid of any land, and that Antarctica is smaller than the U.S. I’m sure someone else will straighten him out eventually.


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