My favorite

24 Aug

There are many things that have competed over the years for my favorite material for book covers. Tin cans. Old Postcards. Reclaimed covers of discarded books. These days, I’m leaning towards old sweaters.  

I always feel a little bit sad when I come across a shrunken sweater or hat. Some poor soul who didn’t realize that wool is not, in fact, machine washable, and threw their favorite sweater or hat in the washing machine and thirty minutes later pull out a much smaller version of their once favorite. 

But, someone else’s tragedy is my treasure. I take home the castoffs, run them through a hot wash once more for good measure and set to work trimming them to size and cutting out appliques. 

The thick felted wool makes for a flexible yet durable cover. Typically I stitch the pages directly to the wool rather than building the text block first which leaves enough space in the binding to tuck pictures, ticket stubs, pressed flowers, and other bits and pieces in without ending up with the fattened-book-that-won’t-close-properly problem typical of most journals. 

And, well, I think they’re just downright pretty.


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