the war on stuff

4 Sep

I am working on a book right now with a lovely grey wool cover, this time from an old suit. The pages are a mix of blue and white, and the wool is adorned with three little blue flowers with black bead centers. I found a pair of black wool pants in my stash of thrift store finds that will make an excellent lining on the inside of the covers. It is sitting on my (borrowed) makeshift work table unbound at the moment. I picture the open binding with neat little chains of black linen thread. The problem? I don’t have any black linen thread. My current selection includes red, green, brown, bone, and maybe a bit of a deep purple. And this is my quandry. 

I try to use what I have on hand, to scrounge up materials that are otherwise cast off, to repurpose unlikely candidates. I find it terribly satisfying to reuse materials, and I think it’s wise in terms of resource consumption and waste generation. I am also constantly fighting the war on stuff. I tend to move a few times a year, sometimes cross-country, often across oceans. I am blessed to have a couple of home-owning family members who have generously availed their basements and closets to me, but I try to keep my piles small. I daydream of having a place one day where my books will be on shelves and I will have an actual workspace where my art supplies will no longer be relegated to suitcases, but the truth is, I’m not so sure that day will ever come, and certainly not in the near future. 

I am not sure that there’s room for one more spool of linen thread in my little suitcase of supplies, but what about this poor little book so clearly in need of black thread…….


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