Book in Need of a Good Home

7 Sep

I know parents aren’t supposed to have favorites among their offspring, and I imagine the same should apply to an artist and her creations. But I can’t help it, I have fallen in love with a little orange book. 

You can’t possibly appreciate just how fantastic this book is, sitting where you are, so far away. To fully appreciate it, you would need to hold it in your hands, maybe rub it on your cheek to fully appreciate it’s softness. It is just the perfect size for tucking in your pocket or a daypack. And its little button flap makes me think of an old man’s cardigan, and the chilly crisp air of the coming fall, both of which make me smile as they cross my mind. 

This is one of those books that emerges from my heaps of old sweaters and fabric, stacks of paper, and jars of buttons, that I just instantly fall in love with. I can only hope that someone else will fall in love with this book, fill it til it’s overflowing with words and pictures and pieces of their life. 

And if, by chance, you think that you could love this book, you can find it for sale on etsy, along with other books vying for your affection.


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