From the mouths of babes

18 Sep

I’ve made book covers out of just about everything since I started- circuit boards, tin cans, food wrappers, old sweaters, vintage books, overall pockets, tents and flags. (You can imagine what my stash looks like!) Sometimes I start out with an idea or a purpose for the book and build the cover from there. But more often, I come across something that seems like a suitable cover, and then play around with shapes, sizes, and colors until I get something right. But sometimes, the best ideas aren’t even mine. 

This afternoon my 2 year old niece wandered into my room to see what I was doing. She picked up a few scraps of wool from the floor and placed them on assorted book covers laid out on my work table. Then she pointed to one cover that I had cut out yesterday and after playing around with various colors and shapes for appliques, temporarily set it aside in frustration: nothing looked right. The cover is an odd shade of blue- a dusty blue that reminds me of the “country” decorating theme of my mother’s house. So there the cover lay on my table, with a scrap of scalloped beige wool left laying on it. My niece took one look at it and said “that’s a cloud. but where is the rain?” Brilliant, Little Bit, Brilliant.


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