loose ends

6 Oct

Crafting took a waaaay back seat these last few weeks, as it is time to move AGAIN. I packed up everything at one temporary home, to move to a staging ground for the grand pack, repack, clean and store that happens before I go anywhere for any length of time. I leave in a mere 3 days to start my journey south to Antarctica. 

As though I didn’t have enough to do, I always seem to cram a few projects on to my “to do before I leave” list. Mostly lots of ideas and projects that have been in various stages for months, but for some reason, I suddenly feel the need to finish up before taking off. This takeout set for example:  

I came up with the idea sometime last fall. I cut out the box sometime last spring. I carried the pieces across at least half a dozen states and back without putting it together. I finally knit the noodles in August, and then upon learning of my imminent return to the ice, decided I absolutely must finish this. My niece could not possibly live another few months without a takeout set. So I made broccoli when I should have been getting my affairs in order. Now I just need to knit the fortune cookies that started the whole thing….


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