Easter Egg Dye

30 Apr


No matter the time of year, the smell of vinegar always makes me a little nostalgic for the magic of dying easter eggs. I like dying eggs. I have done it every year, with the exception of the easter I spent in Antarctica. Eggs are a little scarce there. But every other easter, I break out the food coloring and vinegar and a menagerie of coffee mugs and rope in anyone within arm’s reach. I usually end up dying every egg in the house, hard-boiled or not.


This year was the second year I had the privilege of dying eggs with my favorite niece, while her baby brother gnawed on a knitted easter egg. At three, she has hardly developed much appreciation for the stripes or plaid I like to adorn my eggs with. She’s more content with the plunk method of egg dying. I also had to nix the raw egg dying as visions of egg- on-the-walls danced through her mother’s head.  

Despite my love of egg dying, I had always drawn the line at eggs. Until I stumbled upon this: http://keeponspinning.wordpress.com/2011/04/05/dyeing-wool-yarn-with-easter-egg-colors/  As luck would have it, I stumbled upon this the day after easter- right when all the stores relegate egg dyes to the clearance carts at the back of the store. Perfect! I grabbed about a dozen boxes for about two bucks. 

I dug out some wool I already had to give it a go. I am fairly pleased with the results, though next time I think I’ll increase the amount of dye I use. I also used moth-proofed yarn, which I think had some effect- the yarn had a sort of moisture repelling quality that I’m not sure was totally helpful for dying. But nevertheless, not bad: 

I’m already considering future projects with my aforementioned niece, given the child-safe nature of the process.


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