Back to the Ironing Board

7 May

The last time I ironed on a regular basis was when my mom would pay me  and my siblings 10 cents for each napkin we ironed. My mother was way ahead of the green revolution in using cloth napkins, and clearly more committed to a wrinkle free life than me. (I’m sure there were valuable lessons about money and work in there too). Since finding more lucrative ways to earn money, I have all but given up ironing. I hate it. It doesn’t help that I’m terrible at it. Probably due in part to aforementioned aversion and lack of practice. 

In spite of my lack of job requiring professional clothing (of the iron-required variety) and my preference for flowy wrinkle-free formal attire, I have on occasion been required to iron. At which point I usually have to borrow one. 

But today, it was back to the ironing board for me. I’ve taken on some sewing projects that are likely to make an appearance in my etsy shop. Even I, with a significant bias against anything that requires pressing, recognize that pressed seams are more attractive, and certainly more cooperative. So today found me hunched over a steaming iron, practicing some very rusty domestic skills. 

(By the way that mushroom in the picture is part of a super cute gnome set that will be showing up in my shop this week, ironed seams and all. Keep an eye out for it:


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