Remnants of Childhood

8 May

With each season, my mother sorts through the children’s clothes she saved over the years, pulling out old dresses that might be appropriate for my young niece. 30 years later, however, much of the clothing is now terribly dated, and although I am certain that the smocked dresses and corduroy bellbottoms my sister and I sported in our early years would make for some excellent photos on my niece, my sister has chosen to spare her daughter the torture. Most of the dresses all run together in my mind- I have more vague memories of the shopping trips downtown than the actual dresses. 

Somewhere from the depths emerged this hot little number: 

That is a jumper made of the loveliest polyester. I can’t believe I don’t remember sweating it out in this outfit. I can’t imagine it ranked up there with my favorites for comfort. Aside from the style and material issues in handing this down to my niece, the elastic is completely shot (you’ll notice the girth of the upper part of the jumper. No, I was NOT, in fact, a square 3-year-old). 

But there’s something endearing about the dress anyway, thanks in part to that terrible polyester that is so reminiscent of an era that predates that miracles that have since been worked on synthetics. And the applique is charming too. I saved the dress from eternal damnation initially with the thought that I might use the pocket for a project of some nature. An apron, perhaps? And then it occurred to me that I just bet NOTHING will stick to that blue plastic-y fabric, which makes it the perfect apron fabric. A slit up the back of the skirt and two hems later, I have an apron as old as I am. 


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