On the Road

11 May

I have hit the road once again- I am headed west for the duration of the summer. I’ve loaded all the basic necessities for a season into the back of my truck. A heap of camping gear, a bag of clothes, a small basket of snacks and basic food staples, a cooler with fruit and vegetables for snacking. A pretty standard packing list for a road trip. But then there’s this: a plastic box, wide enough to hold my art paper (18″ x24″), and deep enough to act as a table if I sit on the floor in front of it. This will be my portable studio for the next three to four months. A drawer insert intended for silverware holds all of my tools, various jars of glues line one side. Before leaving, I sorted through my stash of fabric, and the suitcases of paper and other supplies to select some favorites, pull out the most likely candidates to be needed in the coming months. It is not quite the studio I daydream of having one day, the one with all of my materials contained in one spot, with a table to work on, shelves to contain the tools and glues and buttons and thread. But it will do.


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