My Latest Project

13 Jul



This is what I’ve been working on recently. I, along with about 100 other fantastic folks, put together this 1400 sq ft straw bale home on the Northern Cheyenne reservation in southeastern Montana over the course of 6 weeks. 

For most of those six weeks, I worked continuously, moving from one task to the next at the direction of an amazing staff, seldom stepping back to appreciate the magic of putting up a house. And then, on one of my last days, I laid down on the concrete floor in the living room, because after another long day I couldn’t possibly stand up anymore. And finally I had the chance to really look around. I thought back to the day we raked concrete, having waited so long for the rain to subside. I looked around at all the elements that made up this cozy little house, and realized that I had a hand in most of them. I considered all the people who I worked alongside along the way, and the patient instruction of the staff, and the frustrations of unfamiliarity. I cursed like a sailor trying to learn to stucco, but a few trowels in, fell in love with the process. I stayed up well into the darkness hanging drywall with a couple of hardworking women, and one very tall guy who could reach all the places we couldn’t without moving the scaffolding. I wasn’t yet ready to appreciate the crown boards having just finished that 3 day project (it felt like a year). 

I really can’t begin to explain what a feeling it is to sit in a house that I have been a part of, to see the magic of it all coming together, and to imagine the life that will be lived here.


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