Dying Yarn

6 Aug

I thought dying yarn for my sister with her 3 year old daughter would be a good idea- a great project for my niece, and a lovely surprise for her sleep deprived mother. Unfortunately, my sister, an avid knitter, is allergic to wool. I think this is surely one of the great tragedies of the world. My sister doesn’t actually mind a bit, perfectly content with bamboo and cotton, and the much improved modern acrylics. There’s only one of us lamenting her allergy when we go yarn shopping and it certainly isn’t her. 

So with instructions for kid-friendly yarn dying in hand, I picked out a natural cotton yarn. What I failed to do, however, is actually read those instructions. The first line of which reads “This will only work with animal based fibers……” 

So while we started with this: 



We ended up with this: 



But then when I wound the yarn into a ball, my hands turned pink. So a few more rinses and a couple rounds in the microwave later, what my sister got was some very pink yarn, since apparently that’s the only color that will stick to anything! 

Ah, well. Live and learn (to read the instructions first.)


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