About Me

After years of keeping art supplies in suitcases while moving from state to state and bouncing between continents, I am excited to have a place to unpack a little and get to work. I’ve recently relocated to the Denver area, and after ripping up carpeting, sanding popcorn ceiling, and several coats of paint, I finally have a studio to call my own.

I’ve always liked making stuff, since I was a little kid. I especially like reusing and repurposing scavenged materials.  I’m an avid bookbinder and knitter, two crafts that I learned while living in Western North Carolina several years ago. I have heaps of labels, old sweaters, scraps of paper, tin cans, and pieces of canvas tents destined to become book covers. I like making things that will actually be used, which might be one of the things that I like best about making a book- knowing that I am giving someone something beautiful that they will carry around, and stuff in a satchel, and use until it is well worn around the edges.

Knitting has kept my hands busy through long and tedious staff meetings, has kept boredom at bay on slow days at work, and kept me in good company through a long winter in Antarctica. (It also kept me warm during said winter in Antarctica!)

Aside from knitting and bookbinding, I also sew and write and take pictures, and I imagine a bit of everything will show up on this blog.


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